Inspiring the Youth

FIRST Robotics further educates the youth in our school and community on robotics and STEM. We hope to potentially open their eyes to a field that they otherwise would have never experienced. We believe this is an incredibly important duty as it challenges our community's youth to think outside the box in terms of future career paths

Giving Back

EOM FIRST Robotics relies on generous donations and sponsorships from our community partners to aid in providing the dedication and experiences for youth.



Our community stretches much further than just our own student body at Earl of March. EOM Lions has an annual outreach seminar that runs throughout our community.

We travel to different schools allowing our talented team members to further spread the enthusiasm for robotics to younger students. We provide an introduction to robotics and STEM to hopefully spark interest in potential further club members.

Last year our team went to All Saints Secondary School as well as Roland Michener Public School.