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Team 7476:
About Us

We are a group of  45 dedicated secondary students who use their passion for technology & business to conceive upon new innovation in the First Robotics Competition community.

Our Subteams



Our mechanical subteam focuses on fabricating parts to be used for the robot and putting the physical components of the robot together to make it adept at a variety of tasks specific to the theme of the competition each year.



Our software subteam uses programming languages like Java and Python to connect each function of the robot to be able to be controlled remotely during the competition, as well as programming it to be able to function autonomously for the beginning of the round.



By applying skills such as soldering and crimping, our electrical subteam carefully wires all electrical components that make the robot move around, grab and use game pieces and be able to be controlled remotely during the competition.



Through outreach events and fundraising our marketing and logistics subteam gives us a strong community outreach as well as secures funding for the team to be able to build our robot and compete in competitions.